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My client said that an employee came to see her today and the woman was in tears.  

She briefly told me what happened and then I asked, how are YOU?


And I asked again, how do YOU feel?

She was quiet for a moment and the flood gates opened.

You see, just because we are HR and bring the humanness to the job each day, does not mean that we aren’t human too.

When we must bring the poker face to every investigation, mitigation and termination that adds up and can take a toll.

And it can be exhausting.  Or feel awful.

Yes, I said that.  While we do the most amazing work, there are times when we feel terrible.

I don’t know why we (and the world) act like HR professionals have no feelings, but we do.

And I held the space for my client.

That’s “coach speak” for I kept quiet, did not judge her, made sure she did not judge herself and allowed her to process her feelings.

It is so important that we recognize and acknowledge our feelings.

That we pay attention to our thinking and notice what we’re feeling.

Unfortunately, it is not something most people do on a regular basis.

Do you?

Coaching can help.

I can help

Let me.

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