A Taste of Life Coaching        Holiday Gift Box

You want to be coached?

Now is your chance. Do it on sale. Do it right now. Do it for YOU.

This limited edition holiday box includes:

  • A gift card for three powerful personalized coaching sessions
  • A small journal to capture notes and ahas
  • A bit of bubbly to celebrate how fabulous you were this year
  • Assorted gourmet chocolates from Lolli and Pops because well, why not?
  • Free shipping 🔥  BOOM!
  • Black Friday Special starts now $397

This is the perfect gift to get for YOURSELF (or for everyone on your team, if you’re feeling generous).

We hire personal trainers to help us with our bodies, but a life coach will help you train and manage your mind. Investing in our mental fitness is just as important. 

This will sell out.


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