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Gourmet burgers. Local beer. Coffee drinks.

Have you noticed that just about every restaurant menu includes something that is “hand crafted?”  (Now don’t get me started about what the difference between a hand-crafted item and one that isn’t might be, but I digress!)

So I started thinking about my day. My time.

What if my time was handcrafted?  What if I designed my day as carefully and artfully as this summer’s hottest menu item?

How much could I accomplish?  What if I would actually do the things that I say matter in order to handcraft my day?

It could go something like this:

Step 1.  Get up with intention. “My day is handcrafted because I decide in advance that it is.”

Step 2.  Schedule for results.  (Notice this is a not a to-do list, but results that I will create for the day.  (I know these are results because I can recognize them as accomplished at the end of the day, right?)

Step 3.  Honor the schedule (Oh boy, this can be the trickiest part of all, because when it pops up on my calendar there is a really great chance that I will not feel like doing the thing.  Ouch.)

But who says I have to feel like it? I can do anyway.  And you can too.

Easy? No.  Doable.  Yes.

We got this.

Oh and whenever you’re ready there are three great ways to take your coaching work to the next level.

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