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Doing Business UNusual

2020 got us stretching, checking and readdressing EVERYTHING. And just when we think it can’t get any crazier, here comes something else. But you know what? We’re HR and we do HaRd things.   We’re built for this. Our resilience muscle is strong. And just like any...

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Human Resource Professionals are Human

My client said that an employee came to see her today and the woman was in tears.   She briefly told me what happened and then I asked, how are YOU? What?   And I asked again, how do YOU feel? She was quiet for a moment and the flood gates opened. You see, just...

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Handcraft My Day

Gourmet burgers. Local beer. Coffee drinks. Have you noticed that just about every restaurant menu includes something that is “hand crafted?”  (Now don’t get me started about what the difference between a hand-crafted item and one that isn’t might be, but I digress!)...

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Old Town Road

I know you know this song. You’re probably singing right now, smile. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s “Old Town Road” this summer’s hottest song and latest viral sensation. My favorite part is “Can’t nobody tell me nothing. You can’t tell me nothing!”...

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Time is a Choice

We get to choose how we spend our time.  It’s a beautiful thing. A ringing phone?  An email or Facebook alert? An unexpected knock on the door? We don’t have to respond.  No, seriously we don’t. There is no law that says we must answer the phone when it rings!  Or...

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